Up-date byClaire developments.

Hi everyone!!

At last, another sign of life from me….

Like I told you a while ago, the brand byClaire has undergone a couple of huge changes. (Read about it here). The yarn wasn’t even fully available for a while. But all that will soon come to an end.

The new adventure, that we have been working on so hard behind the scenes, is almost finished and ready to be launched!

One big change is that we reviewed everything about the brand, which has already resulted in some exciting changes and new things, which I can finally share with you here:

  • byClaire Cotton: some of the colours in the Cotton collection have changed, which makes this series even more diverse and complete.
  • byClaire Softmix: the Softmix collection is going to be expanded with a couple of lovely new hues, which totally match the colours that are hot and trendy right now.
  • byClaire Sparkle: we ask that you have a little patience for the new byClaire Sparkle yarn to arrive, but this collection will surely come back, because every hook work could use a little ‘sparkle’.
  • New byClaire yarn: YEAH!! In June, the assortment will be expanded with a brand-new yarn, veeeeeery hot indeed, SUPER-cool and lots more about that soon!!

Our new start will also be obvious on the byClaire wrapper. The look has completely changed and is now fresher, more up-to-date and even more byClaire.

All in all, that’s a lot of changes and I haven’t’ even begun to tell you about all the changes in our workplace, plus all the other stuff that needs to be done, to make a brand-new start.

Just a little while more, and all the fantastic byClaire collections will be back on the market! But this time even prettier, fresher and more fun!

Very soon I will be able to show you everything I’m talking about on this blog!! Because the color additions are truly loooovely….

So, keep an eye on the byClaire blog, because I will soon be back with new inspiration, cute new patterns and byClaire updates. In the meantime, you can follow me on Instagram, with ‘Instagram – stories’ I will give you a sneak peek on a regular basis.

See you soon!


X Claire


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