Tunisian Crochet Hats!


We are ready for a cold winter with this series of cheerful HATS!

And even if it’s not as cold, we just wear them because they are so much fun!!!! And why not matching the colours with your coat?

This is a ‘reversible’ byClaire hat. The Tunisian stitch makes this hat both beautiful on the front and back.

It creates a truly amazing effect!



The hat can easily be customised, so you can work it in a larger or smaller size!





The size of this hat is easily customised. It is determined by the circumference of the head.

Always measure the set-up chain around the head, not pulling to tight, but not letting it hang loose either.

Bottom of the hat +/- 52cm circumference (I worked 46 ch)

Height +/- 26 cm (I worked 24 rounds)

TIP: It all depends on how loose or tight your crochet hand is. Try the hat on regularly to stay on track. That way, you know you will have a hat you love to wear!



In total 2 balls of 50 grams byClaire SoftMix

To create a fun effect, use 2 different colours

1z byClaire SoftMix for the ‘ribbing’. (This is the first round, so if you have some yarn left over from another project, you can use that as well.)

1x double-ended Tunisian crochet hook size 9mm/UK 00/US M-13


Work description

Start working chains.

The size of the hat, and the length of the set-up chain, is determined by the circumference of the head. Wrap the chain around the head and adjust to fit. Close the ring by working a sl st in the first ch. Make sure the set-up chain has not been twisted.

Start working the Tunisian crochet stitch.

View the instruction video which explains how to work the stitches for this hat.

Instruction movie

Keep crocheting until the hat has the right length (I worked 24 rounds).

Weave in the ends and finish off the hat by working 1 row of dc (UK)/sc (US).

You can also add a pompom to the hat, or wear as is.

Put it on and show it off!













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