Retro sweater, for the littlest ones…

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In The Netherlands, my new book ‘Klein Haakgeluk’ (Crochet Happiness for Children) has just come out. A book with crochet and sewing patterns for babies and accessories for the children’s room. For the time being, it is only available in Dutch… To get into the mood, I am posting a sweet and cute pattern on my blog.

This cool ‘Retro Sweater’ fits babies aged 2-3 months. It is nice and easy to make, simple in shape and because of the colours, suits every taste. You can make this sweater for a boy or a girl!

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I borrowed the fun accessories (rug/blanket, pillow, squirrel) from Mevrouw Groen’s children’s store. That cute small baby is one of my friends’.

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This pattern really shows you what a difference COLOUR can make. You can make this sweater look fresh, cute, cool or a bit ‘retro’.





Because it is always fun to give a homemade gift when a baby is born (niece, cousin, brother, sister, neighbour…), this is the perfect pattern to start with. Hopefully, like me, you’ll get hooked! Because crocheting for small children is so much fun!!

PDF Pattern Baby Sweater

Happy Hooking!!

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You can order ‘Klein Haakgeluk’ (in Dutch) here (European international delivery possible).

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