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My newest book is soon to be published!!!!! At last I can tell you something about this exciting new project, and even show you some details. This is going to be a lovely, thick page turner, titled:  byClaire FASHION – crochet, knit and embroider your own style 


A book that will show you all the ins and outs to create your very own, personal fashion, with lots of patterns for clothing and accessories.

The patterns are mostly beautiful by their simplicity, which gives you the chance to boost things up with lots of colour, or, if this fits your style, keep it simple and basic.

If you prefer flashy extroversion, you can make it into an ‘over the top’ item, the patterns are suitable for any style and taste!

Pimp your self-made fashion items with flowers, decorative stiches, crocheted decorations or cheerful fringes.

The book will show you how you can wear the different clothing pieces, how you can mix & match them and which other fashion options you can try out. Of course, you will also find with lots of colourful inspiration and beautiful photographs to inspire you.

In short: a fun, easy-to-follow book about FASHION, that enables you to create your very own FASHION line.

Underneath is a little sneak peek:


The byClaire FASHION book will be available this fall!

I can’t wait to share more news with you, but we still have a lot of work to do, so it’s time for me to carry on with the final details. But the book is not our only good news: there are lots of exciting, new patterns coming up and the first ones will be available very soon!

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See you soon!


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