Frequently asked questions

– Where can I buy the byClaire products?

We are currently working very hard to provide you with an overview of all byClaire resellers outside of the Netherlands. Until then, please contact our Dutch distributor G. Brouwer & Zn (click here to go to their website) for more details.

You can find an overview of all Dutch resellers here.

– What is the difference between the byClaire no 1 and byClaire no 2 yarns?

The yarns differ in weight and fibers:

  • byClaire no 1 Cotton: this yarn is a 100% mercerized cotton, suitable for needle sizes 2,0 mm – 3,5 mm.
    Please click here for a full overview.
  • byClaire no 2 Soft Mix: this yarn consists of a 50% cotton / 50 % acrylic blend, making it lightweight and soft. Suitable for needle sizes 5,0 mm – 7,0 mm.
    Please click here for a full overview.

– What about the patterns?

On this website you will find a collection of free patterns as well as paid patterns (in the shop). Some of them are written down in a blog post, but most of them are PDF downloads.

Please note that the byClaire patterns are for personal use only. They may not be sold to third parties or used for commercial purposes.


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