Egg cosies – Easter

Nice, warm eggs to go with your Easter breakfast; it’s easy to achieve with these cozy egg warmers….

A cute, Tunisian crochet pattern with a fun result.

And these colors perfectly match my dishware.

The leather label adds a little boldness to these cute little egg hats!


– 2 x ball of byClaire softmix in 2 different colors (denim 290 and Ivory 326)

– Crochet hook 5 mm

– Tunisian crochet hook with 2 hook ends 6 mm

– Black&white kite string

– Leather label (see here)

– Needle

– Scissors

Pattern description









With hook 5, work a string of 15 chainstitches into a ring with a single crochet.

Row 1:

Hook 2 chainstitches, (first treble crochet) and work into each next chainstitch: one half treble crochet, a total of 15 half treble crochets.

Close the row with a single crochet.

Continue with Tunisian crochet pattern.

Please note: raise the loops from the back of the last half treble crochet.

You can also use the instruction video of the hooked egg cosies – CLICK HERE.

Hook a total of 6 rows.

Finishing photo 1

Finishing photo 2










(Finishing image: 1-2-3) Finish the last row by pulling the first loop through the last loop, a single crochet, which will give you a neat border on the top edge of your egg cozy.

Finishing photo 3

Basting stitch photo 1










(Basting stitch image: 1-2-3) With a needle, work the chainstitch thread through the upper side of your egg cozy.

Pull the ends and tie them into a knot.

Basting stitch photo 2

Basting stitch photo 3










You egg cozy is ready!

As an extra eye-catcher, you could tie a piece of kite string around the top and fasten a leather label onto it!

This year, your Easter table is going to look extra festive!

For a perfect match, you can adjust the colors of your egg cosies to the colors of your dishware!

And if you use fresh, crisp pastel tones, they will match the crocheted Easter eggs or colorful lanterns which you can hang above your Easter table.


I wish your lots of crocheting fun!

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