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The byClaire Crochet Happiness books:
Haakgeluk 1 / Crochet Happiness 1: A book full of inspirational projects and patterns to make with the byClaire No 1 Cotton.
Haakgeluk 2 / Crochet Happiness 1: This books contains great ideas and patterns to make with the thicker byClaire No 2 Soft Mix.
Klein Haakgeluk / Crochet Happiness for Children: A book with patterns for baby clothes and accessories for the baby or kid’s room! All byClaire yarns are used for the patterns in this book (No 1, No 2 and No 3 – Sparkle).

Although the books are currently only available in Dutch, all patterns come with crochet diagrams!

More information about all the books can be found below!

My latest book: Klein Haakgeluk / Crochet Happiness for Children!

byClaire haakgeluk 2, garens,patronen,workshops - 1 (1)

Available (in Dutch) from August.

A book with projects for babies and small children, with clothes and hip accessories for the baby or kid’s room.

The byClaire yarns: ByClaire No 1 Cotton, byClaire No 2 Soft Mix and byClaire No 3 Sparkle are used in this book.

A jacket, cardigans, dresses, a cuddly toy, a storage bag and of course, warm blankets… You’ll have to be patient for a little while longer… But then you can get stuck into lovely projects for your little one!

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Haakgeluk 1 / Crochet Happiness 1, byClaire – February 2015


For the byClaire Cotton, I wrote the book Crochet Happiness byClaire, a colourful book full of inspirational crochet projects.

The book and the yarn form a complete package, that crochet lovers can use to get started immediately. I’ll show you how you can make both small and large projects. Starting with a pencil bag or pin cushion, later a shawl or garland to expand your home-made collection, and for those who love a challenge: a doily cushion or granny square shrug. All those projects are made in the fresh, cheerful colours of byClaire No 1 Cotton.

With clear instructions and photographs, every crochet fan can get started with the yarn and the book.

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Haakgeluk 2 / Crochet Happiness 2, byClaire – October 2015

byClaire haakgeluk 2, garens,patronen,workshops - 5

The byClaire No 2 yarn also deserved a cool book. Beautiful projects which look cool and robust because of the luscious thick yarn.
Projects for a kid’s room, lovely home accessories and of course a few shawls, a dress and a poncho.

No ordinary ‘granny squares’ in this book, but plenty of variation in the stitches used. The patterns include stitches such as the star stitch, the pearl stitch and you even get to try your hand at Tunisian crochet.

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