About byClaire

byClaire, a world full of colour.

February 2015, saw the launch of the first byClaire products. 100% cotton crochet yarn with a slight sheen, in 48 amazing colours. Suitable for needles 2.5-3mm, byClaire stands for inspiration, beautiful materials, trendy designs and beautiful colours.

I am byClaire…

…. I have always been creative, every since I was a child. I loved to draw, craft, paint and ‘make pretty things’. I quickly discovered the sewing machine and started making my own clothes from a young age. In 2009, I started crocheting. I immediately fell in love with crocheting and with wool, and before I realized it, the coat rack in the hall was full of colourful shrugs, wraps and shawls, and I had baskets overflowing with yarn sitting next to the sofa. Photography is another hobby of mine. This combination – photography and crochet – started my first blog in 2009, under the name Hakenenmeer. A blog about crochet, coffee, colourful creations… and more.

I have a husband and a beautiful child, and we live in the heart of the Netherlands, in an old house that we are doing up room by room. I just love how you can transform a house into a home, and really make it yours. We also have a green minibus, which we converted into a camper van. Whenever we can, we go on trips in our ‘house on wheels’. We enjoy spending our holidays in the sun and we trek from one campsite to the next. And lots of my creations were crocheted at campsites, because I never leave the house without a basket of wool and cotton yarn.




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